Preparatory Course

Our preparatory course is a dynamic and interactive course for students who are coming to Ireland for a term or an academic year in and Irish Secondary School to get a taste of the Irish culture and get ready for the immersion in the English language. Our programme offers 5 hours per week of General English, plus 5 hours of an introduction to the Irish culture, history and traditions in a fun and exciting way.


  • Running from 9th August – 21st August
  • Choose from one, two or three weeks duration.
  • Online, before arrival to Ireland
  • 10 hours of General English lessons + Irish Culture each week

Topics included

  • the 4 provinces of Ireland
  • Holidays in Ireland
  • The Stone Age and its legacies in Ireland
  • The Celts
  • The Golden Age/The Book of Kells/Halloween
  • The Vikings in Ireland
  • The Normans/Castles in Ireland
  • Myths and Legends


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