Spooky time is coming!!

Hi all, time is flying by and we’re already heading to the end of October.

So, as you are all aware, Halloween is just around the corner and so is October’s midterm. Some exciting time ahead, right? Some of you might be flying back home for the short break but for the ones staying, we have a full week program to keep you buzzing.

Check below the dates and activities:

Can you please let us know by 4pm on Monday 17th of October if you intend on attending the full day trip to Glendalough and Kilkenny. It is important for us to confirm the numbers ASAP.

On Wednesday this week we had a good number of students coming to Parnell Sqr for the English class and we’re delighted to see that you guys are making friends and getting along so well with each other. We know that Elise and Marina enjoy spending time together after school, same as Elena and Matilda and Nene and Ina. These friendships ties are going to last for a very long time – some forever – and I’m sure in the future you will all remember this moment as an important mark in your lives.

Sunje Picker (6th year at Sion Hill) visited the Dáil this week with her class. She got a special mention on Twitter from TD Ossian Smyth – see photo attached.

In other news, we’re going to be doing a big shout-out for the upcoming birthdays. Last week we had Moises celebrating his 15th birthday along with his host family for a celebratory dinner. Later this week we have Charlotte, Karolina, Alejandro and Solveig and we’re looking forward to hearing it all back from you guys. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU ALL!!

We’re going to be doing a gathering on Parnell Sqr’s canteen on Wednesday the 26th of October from 4pm to 6.30pm to celebrate Halloween. Students should be wearing fancy costumes and everybody is welcome to come. There will be no English class on that day.

Thank you for all the lovely pictures we have been receiving, please keep them coming 😊

Our team wishes you all a lovely week.
The high school team – Sarah, Maebh, Bruna and Emilio