Beltaine festival

As the month of May arrives, we hope you are all feeling proud of your accomplishments and excited for what’s to come. With the end of the program approaching, we want to remind you that you can always count on us for support and guidance, especially as you prepare for the summer exams, Leaving Cert and Cambridge Exam.

May is a wonderful month around the world, with plenty of events and activities to enjoy before the summer break. For instance, did you know that May is also National Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States, aiming to raise awareness and provide support for those struggling with mental health issues? Additionally, May is also World Stroke Awareness Month, bringing attention to the warning signs and prevention of strokes.

Regarding Ireland, you might be interested to know that May is traditionally the month of Bealtaine, an ancient Gaelic festival celebrating the start of summer. It’s a time to welcome the warmth and light of the new season, and many Irish communities still mark the occasion with bonfires, music, and dancing.

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we encourage you to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor spaces around Ireland. From the stunning Cliffs of Moher to the lush greenery of Glendalough, there are countless places to explore and enjoy with friends.

Finally, we want to congratulate you all on your hard work and achievements this year. We know that the program has not been easy at times, but your dedication and perseverance have paid off and we are so very proud of you.

We wish you the best of luck with your studies and exams, and we look forward to staying in touch as you move forward in your academic and personal journeys.

From the High School Team

Aimee, Bruna, Maebh and Sarah

Here you have a few photos that we would like to share with you this week.