One Month Down 😊

Well done everyone on your first month here in Ireland! You have all done so well to come here, settle in school, settle in your host family, and to make new friends. Some of you have settled in so well already, that you’ve decided to stay the full school year instead of just a term!

I’m delighted to hear that some of you have joined social clubs outside of your school. Some of you have joined water polo, basketball, football, hockey, and some of you are even brave enough to join a hurling team! Which is our national sport here in Ireland, so well done to all of you 😊

For those of you who haven’t got involved in a club or taken up a hobby yet, that’s ok. There’s plenty of time to decide on what you want to do, and it’s also ok to just hang out with friends, explore the city, and do try make the most of your free time. Some have you have been going to the cinema on a school trip, and some of you have gone outside of Dublin to visit the ploughing championships. If there’s anything better that would describe Ireland in a nutshell would be tractors, fields and balls of hay! The rest of you will experience all of that when you go on your trips outside of the city. A lot of countryside and green!

Have a great weekend from all of us here on the high school team.

Here are some photos to show you what some of the students have been up to this week. Remember guys, keep the photos coming, be good in school, and to get involved 😊

Sarah, Michelle, Maebh and Manlio