St. Patrick’s Week🍀

We are fast approaching a very special day in the Irish Calendar.

St. Patrick’s Day this Festival is Ireland’s official celebration of our national holiday.

Its origins lie in honouring Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick. Initially, it was a solemn commemorative feast day dedicated to paying tribute to the saint, (who is said banished snakes from Ireland , that’s why you will never find a snake here ) but over the years, St. Patrick’s Day has evolved into a vibrant celebration encompassing the richness of Irish culture.

Today, it is a joyful occasion marked by parades, performances, and diverse expressions of Irish heritage; a multicultural international event that is committed to displaying contemporary and traditional arts, culture and heritage of the Irish people and the people who call Ireland home.

St. Patrick’s Festival’s One City Festival Programme curates a variety of events in collaboration with cultural partners throughout Dublin from art exhibitions to orchestral performances, walking tours to brand-new theatre pieces don’t forget the funfairs!!

If you and some friends want to experience it all check out here where you will find all the information that you need for the weekend celebrations, there is something to appeal to everyone , some ticketed and free events for you to get involved in, the Parade being the highlight of course.

We look forward to hearing all about your experiences and please send us some photos of you and your friends enjoying the Craic, dressed in (of course ) Green !!

Social program

For Anyone Staying in Ireland for Easter, we have a fun filled Social programme , take a look and let us know what you would like to be involved in.

“La Fheile Padraig sona duit ! “

Michelle , Maebh, Bruna and Jessica

Please find some aesthetic pictures shared by our students below.