Goodbye January and Hello Spring! 😊

Malwine, Alessia and Paulina set off for the Howth cliff walk

As we finally say goodbye to the long month that January has been, we can now look forward to spring. Now, I know all of you are probably reading this and think that I’ve skipped a month and say that spring is in March.

Am I right? Wrong 😊 Spring actually starts in Ireland on the 1st of February which is called St Brigid’s Day. St Brigid’s day is known as ‘the grand stretch in the evening’, as we finally start to see some brighter evenings.

We’ve had a lot of parent teacher meetings in recent weeks, so a big well done to you all. You received some fantastic feedback from your teachers, so keep up the good work! A lot of you are doing your work experience at the moment, and you all seem to really enjoy it. I’m glad you’re getting to experience the working world 😊

Just a gentle reminder to you all that there will be NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY as we have our first ever bank holiday this February. Make sure you all get out and enjoy the lovely spring air, go on day trips, hang out with your friends, and just enjoy yourselves.

Have a great long weekend guys. Here is a selection of your photos from the last week.

Enjoy 😊

From the high school team,

Aimee, Bruna, Maebh and Sarah