Goodbye January, Hello February!

Hello everyone,

To some of you, we say welcome back! To others, we say welcome to the programme. Firstly, we want to introduce our amazing new team members – Michelle, Maebh and Manlio who have joined Sarah and Melissa in recent weeks. By now, your main point of contact at ISI will have been in touch and arranged a meeting or video call with you. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything!

This is our first newsletter of 2022! We will be releasing a High School newsletter each Friday and will therefore be asking you all to share your experiences and photographs with us! Don’t be shy – we all love to see what everyone is getting up to, and you never know, your photo might provide some inspiration to others! We love everything from photos of your fun weekend, showing off your school uniform or doing something exciting with your friend! Just remember – as much as we love your beautiful photos of lovely scenery, we really want you guys to feature in the photos so don’t be shy to show your lovely faces!

We truly hope you have all had a nice January – it is always a bit of an unusual month as you’re either starting back at school after the Christmas holidays which can be tough, or you are brand new at school and finding your feet with navigating life in Ireland! We hope you’re all getting settled and looking forward to the next few months. It looks like you have all been making the most of your time so far. Some of you have been doing some of baking, taking walks and eating some tasty treats!

We are looking forward to the emergence of spring, some brighter days and hopefully some more sunshine!

Here are some photos that you have shared with us from this week –

Thanks guys,

Sarah, Melissa, Michelle, Maebh and Manlio