Spring Is Here

It’s hard to believe that the midterm break is over, and that we are into the first week of March already!

After a fun midterm break packed full of activities and trips, it was time to turn our attention to Pancake Tuesday……

Why is it called Pancake Tuesday? Many people give something up during Lent as a form of fasting to prepare for Easter. Pancake Tuesday is also known as ‘Shrove Tuesday’. Shrove is the past tense of shrive, which means to gain ‘absolution of sins by confession and repentance’. It’s seen as being the last treat for 40 days 😊

Now that we’re into March we’re starting to see the daffodils bloom and the evenings get brighter. Here’s to a lovely weekend ahead and hopefully will start to see some good weather!

Thanks to all who shared their photos with us for this week’s newsletter

Sarah, Melissa, Michelle, Maebh and Manlio