Happy Halloween, you all!

Guys, we were simply delighted to see lots of you coming for our Halloween party at ISI. The party was deadly, everyone had a lot of fun, a (few) handful of treats and a boogie. It was amazing to see you all socializing, playing some original songs from your countries and having a big dance all together. And last but not least, the effort you all made to come in on your Halloween costumes, was unreal. So, we just want to say a bit THANK YOU for everyone that came in to celebrate with us.

In other good news, midterm is coming and lots of sleeping in and meeting up with friends! It’s not over yet though – so keep your focus for a tiny bit longer. I’m sure you all going to have a fantastic time and we’re already looking forward to hear back from you with all the news after this well deserved break. Hope you all make the most of it, guys <3

Also, don’t forget about our social program during the midterm – we have a trip to Glendalough and Kilkenny next Wednesday. Pick up point will be in front of Savoy Cinema on O’Connell Street – across from Spire, at 8.30am. Please, do not be late!

Here’s another reminder of the week’s program:

After all that said, have a spooky but safe Halloween, guys!

Here are some amazing pictures from our party. Big shout out to Alfredo who won the best Halloween costume.

Lots of love from our team,

The High School Team – Sarah, Maebh, Bruna and Emilio