It’s time to start the new year!

Orientation - new students!

Hey guys,

Some of you have just arrived in the country, so for those, welcome to the program! 😊 And some of you were returning after the well-deserved Christmas break, so welcome back! 😊

A little message for the new students, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us if you ever need anything, as for now, you should all know that you can WhatsApp all the coordinators and we also meet in person once a month for our monthly meetings. It is completely normal to have many questions in your first weeks so please reach out to us, in case you do. We also encourage all students to use the student’s group on WhatsApp to meet new people, ask for advice, plan trips together and etc.

This is our first newsletter of 2023! We will be releasing a High School newsletter each Friday and will therefore be asking you all to share your experiences and photographs with us! Don’t be shy – we all love to see what everyone is getting up to, and you never know, your photo might provide some inspiration to others! Just remember – as much as we love your beautiful photos of lovely scenery, we really want you guys to feature in the photos so don’t be shy to show your lovely faces!

We hope that all of you had a fantastic Christmas, most of the students have spent it with their families and it was the first time going back to their countries since the start of the program, so I am sure that it must have been amazing, needless to say that you must have enjoyed the school break, as well, especially after the Christmas exams. Now is time to dive into 2023 and be ready for all the amazing things that are going to happen this year. We’re glad to be here with you guys to experience it all with you.

Have a great week and stay safe, from all of us here on the high school team.

Aimee, Bruna, Maebh and Sarah