Parental Consent Form

Students under 18

ISI Dublin will only use the above personal information to contact you in emergency situations. Please confirm your consent to this and your consent to our other policies regarding personal data, as outlined in the document General Data Protection Regulation for Data Processor below and on our website, by clicking 'YES'.
Do you consent to ISI Dublin's Authorisation and Consent Document for students aged under 18, as outlined below?
Do you confirm that your child is fully aware of ISI Dublin's Discipline and Behaviour Agreement and that he/she agrees to abide by all the rules contained therein?
Please indicate above any permanent or temporary medical or other condition(s) including special dietary and medication needs, or the need for visual or auditory aids, which should be known about my child: (please write "N/A" if this does not apply to your child or if this information has already been supplied via a third party agency)