School Types

We work with a wide range of state and private schools across the country and regularly add new locations. We aim to place each student in a school location which suits their individuals requirements Please, see the school locations

The majority of our schools are based in the capital, Dublin, but we also have some situated in the countryside and in small towns. Often the type of experience the student has is reflected in the location of the school choosen.


State schools in Ireland can welcome overseas students from the EU and EEA. Some state schools on our programme were founded by the Irish government. These are usually called Vocational Schools or Community Colleges and they are all mixed gender. Others were founded by religious orders and may have originally been private schools, but they are now fully funded by the Irish government. These schools are called the Voluntary Sector and are more likely to be single-gender. Read more


Private schools can welcome students from all over the world, including non-EU and non-EEA countries. The majority were founded by religious orders in either the Catholic or Protestant faith. Our partner private schools are a mixture of single-gender and mixed-gender schools. They receive some funding from the Irish government, but they also charge fees. Some of these schools offer boarding accommodation for students. Read more