Two weeks ‘til Christmas!

Hello there my darlings…

Only two weeks left now and the year is over, guys. Sadly, some of you will be returning home for good and I would like to say that you’re going to be missed by us. There is plenty of stuff happening around Dublin these days though so make sure that you guys enjoy the city (weather allowing) as much as you can. There are plenty of markets, Ice Skating, Christmas lights and so on. So, grab your friends and go for a little stroll around town and I can guarantee that you won’t regret it. 😊 – And of course, please send us some photos.

Here is the link for Blanchardstown’s Ice Skating : Ice Skating Dublin Blanchardstown | Ireland’s favourite Ice Rinks

On that note, temperatures are meant to be dropping even more in the next couple of days so please make sure that you’re all properly wrapped up, no one wants to be getting sick a few weeks before Christmas, so PLEASE look after yourselves. Met Eireann is also predicting some snow in the coming days but don’t get too excited, they say this pretty much every year and there has no snow to be seeing in Dublin in the past few years. However, in case it does, a good recommendation for the snow lovers is the Wicklow Mountains. It is absolutely stunning at this time of the year and there will be snow up there, most likely. A lot of people go there for the picturesque landscape. If you’re lucky, you’ll see something like this:

Another thing guys, please make sure that you are attending school accordingly during the world cup matches. Some schools are streaming the matches, so make sure that you talk to the staff and ask them for information.

That’s it from us this week, guys. Once again, make sure that you’re wearing all your layers and we’re hoping to meet you all for our Christmas Party next Wednesday at Parnell Sq., from 4 to 6pm. Please feel free to wear your Christmas jumpers 😊 Also as a reminder, there will be no ISI English Class on Wednesday 21st of December.

Have fun this weekend and enjoy the Christmas excitement!

Love from the HSP team,
Bruna, Emilio, Maebh and Sarah