Autumn is in the air!

Luisa Glahn in Howth

Hey all!

It’s been 3 weeks since most of you have arrived in Ireland, and it’s great to see such progress already.

A lot of you have joined clubs in school and outside of school, and some of you have joined more than one, which is amazing to see! We’re delighted to see such good progress already, from your English level to your confidence levels, and your signs of independence. Imagine what you’ll be like at the end of the program??

I would like to challenge you all this week to think of something new to do in Ireland. Whether it’s joining a club, taking up a new hobby, going on a hike, volunteering with something – it doesn’t matter. Go out of your comfort zone basically, and do something that you don’t usually do 😊

Remember to please send your coordinator the parental permission form if you’re going on any sleepovers, doing any day trips outside of Dublin, or anything that may run past your curfew. Also, if there’s anything you need you can always contact us, whether it’s big or small.

Here are some photos that you’ve shared with us over this week! Enjoy, and have a great weekend 😊

From the high school team,

Bruna, Maebh and Sarah