September Newsletter🍁🍂

Kurumi Nene Ina Elena in Trinity College

Welcome to our second newsletter and we hope that you are all doing well on the High School Programme. September is already in the air. The weather will be soon getting cooler and sooner than not you will be wearing you winter jumpers, woolly hats and mittens! Still, our country is further north than most other countries in Europe and so you will be able to enjoy longer evening daylight and the beautiful red foliage.

An interesting event starting this week and next that may tickle your fancy:

  • The Dublin Theatre Festival from the 29th to the 16th of October. There will be performances and venues throughout the city of Dublin including music, dance, artist talks. Something not to be missed. Google Dublin Theatre Festival for more information if you are interested.

Last week was culture night, and we hope that you were able to enjoy walking throughout Dublin who celebrated culture, creativity, and the arts. We heard that some of you enjoyed this past weekend, and that you started exploring interesting areas in and around Dublin, ranging from a stroll on one of our fabulous city beaches to a visit to Tralee!

And now a few tips to all of you TY students. As you know, part of the Ty programme involves getting hands-on work experience and finding an approved TY sponsor. For those who have not started yet, get out there with one or two schoolmates and look for any charity shops, small family-run offices, little coffee-shops, libraries. Go there, introduce yourselves politely and explain that you would like to gain experience on your TY programme. You will not be turned down, as TY experience is almost a tradition in Ireland and everyone is very welcoming and helpful. Speak to your High School coordinator, to your TY teacher and to your host family for advice and support. TY is an unforgettable experience that you may not have experienced in your own country. You will love it!

And now our picture section. As you know, we will be asking for your help each month to post a collection of pictures of yourselves showing the places that you visit, your ISI friends and your host families if they so wish. All pictures are welcome but please remember that pictures should show yourselves and not just flowers! 😊

Happy September everyone from your team.

Sarah, Michelle, Maebh and Manlio