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AGPI defines best practice in the provision of guardianship services to overseas students in Irish secondary schools. Working with an AGPI member ensures the highest standards

ISI Dublin is a founding member of the Association of Guardianship Providers Ireland (AGPI).

We guarantee the following standards:


AGPI members undergo a rigorous application and inspection process repeated every three years.

Legal entities

AGPI members are legally established to operate in Ireland.


AGPI members have adequate Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Financially stable

AGPI members are in good financial standing and keep professional financial records.

Tax compliant

AGPI members are tax compliant.

Human resources

AGPI members legally employ a dedicated and qualified team to look after international students with a staff/student ratio of at least 1:30.

Systems & policies

AGPI members have documented and inspected systems and policies in place, which guarantee the quality, efficiency and professionalism, from the application stage, right through to the departure of the international student, ensuring student welfare, pastoral care, academic progress, and personal safety.


AGPI members adopt a collaborative communicative approach, connecting the young person, their parents, the overseas agent, the school, the host family and the guardianship provider. Student progress reports are issued monthly.


All High School staff and host families in AGPI member organisations have been Garda (police) vetted.


All staff at AGPI member organisations have undergone Child Safeguard Training, with at least one staff member who has undergone Designated Liaison Person (DPL) training.


AGPI members-only place students in host families who have been inspected and meet AGPI criteria and have undergone Garda (police) vetting (every 3 years).


AGPI members provide a 24/7 emergency telephone service.
Real contact: Staff at AGPI member organisations meet each student on a one-to-one basis, at least once per month to monitor progress and deal with any issues the student may have.

Child protection

AGPI members have a clearly defined and implemented Child Protection Policy and Student Care Plan for each student in their care.