It’s getting chilly…. Remember to wrap up warm!

Well guys, the end of another week! I am sure you can all agree that we are well and truly experiencing the wonders of an Irish autumn! The leaves are changing colour and falling, the evenings are getting darker and it’s getting colder! It’s also almost pumpkin season J


A lot of you are coming down with runny noses and colds so with the changing of the season, please remember to put your coat on in the morning! Schools also need to keep fresh air circulating to help protect you all against covid 19, so wear an extra layer under your uniform if you are finding it cold during the day!

Despite the colder weather, we are happy to see the revival of big fluffy jumpers, warm coats and yummy hot drinks!

Many of you have shared some fabulous photos with us again this week! We are delighted to see what you are all getting up to each week!

Have a great weekend and stay safe,

The high school team – Sarah, Michelle, Maebh and Manlio