Welcome to Term 3👍

Hi everyone!

We have said goodbye to the easter break and Term 3 has begun! Students have just completed their first week back at school after two weeks off. If you went home to visit your families or stayed in Ireland to rest and explore, we hope you enjoyed it!

During the Easter break, our students took part in the ISI social program. They visited the serene landscapes of Glendalough in County Wicklow and took part in activities including mini golf in Dundrum Shopping Centre, and Q-Zar in Blanchardstown.

As the Easter festivities drew to a close, we welcomed our new batch of students for Term 3 with open arms. Orientation day at ISI was brimming with excitement as our newcomers delved into the essence of our program, bonded with fellow students, and explored Dublin’s bustling streets through an interesting scavenger hunt.

For those in their final term, can you believe how swiftly time has flown by? With just seven weeks left, it’s time to seize every opportunity and relish each friendship. Make these weeks count!

To our newcomers, we understand that the beginning can be overwhelming. But you will settle into your school routines and host families in no time. We hope your days are filled with joy, learning, and unforgettable experiences. Don’t forget your coordinators and host families are here to help you, so never be afraid to ask for help.

Have a great weekend 😊

From the High School Team,

Bruna, Jessica, Maebh and Michelle

Please find the pictures shared by our students and our team.

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